Global Demand for Corporate Recruiters soars during the first 6 months of 2021

The last 6 months have seen Corporate Recruitment activity return to pre-pandemic levels. As the markets become more buoyant, we’ve unpicked the data to look at Talent Acquisition services and pull together this specialist Talent Acquisition Report

This month, the focus is on the Life Sciences and Technology sectors – which have seen a significant increase in the demand for in-house Talent Acquisition services, particularly in the UK, Netherlands and Hong Kong. 

The report highlights that not only have we seen significant growth and recovery in the demand for corporate recruiters in the Life Sciences and Tech industries, but we expect to see continued growth across the 4 key locations.

Data feeding into the rates and market report has been collated from sources including LinkedIn and Glassdoor plus surveys across our extensive global database of clients, contractors and corporate recruitment contacts. 

Find out the differences for the corporate recruitment market in four global hubs: the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong. For example, we look at the increase in demand in the UK coupled with pressure on contractor rates in this area, whereas the Netherlands shows it has recovered much of the ground lost in 2020 with both demand and rates for interim corporate recruiters at a healthy level. 

We want to make the data as available and accessible as possible to you, the Talent Acquisition community. Our goal is to share informative market insights and up to date information for contractor rates specifically in the Life Sciences and Technology sectors.

As a hiring company, you can use the report to build your awareness of what to expect and what to budget for in terms of salary/ fees to your contract Talent Acquisition teams. Conversely, as a contractor, you can use the guide to gauge if your rates are in line with current market averages.

As always, we enjoyed keeping our finger on the pulse within the corporate recruiter community. The data collected, both quantitative and qualitative, allows us to stay in close contact with our clients, contractors and friends throughout the Talent Acquisition community both in the UK and The Netherlands as well as from our Australian and Hong Kong bases. The market for professional interim appointments is showing encouraging signs of recovery, a trend that’s set to continue.  

Specialist Talent Acquisition Report | Life Sciences and Technology sectors

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