Launching the quarterly talent acquisition salary report



Welcome to the launch of the Quarterly Salary Report ‘Snapshot’ for the Talent Acquisition job family. Our first issue in what will become a regular series was written in September and covers Q3 2020. We want to make the data as available and accessible as possible to the Talent Acquisition community, and we hope you find the market insights informative and the permanent and contract salary data of interest.

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Our aim with the report is to ensure that as clients you know what to expect and what to budget for in terms of salary/fees to your contract TA teams. The salaries in here are real-time information gathered from our network of corporate recruiters across the UK and Netherlands. As a contractor, you can also use the guide to gauge if your rates are in line with market averages.

As always, we enjoyed speaking with our clients, contractors and friends throughout the Talent Acquisition community both here in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Whilst the market for professional interim appointments has certainly contracted, we have seen an increase in the fixed-term contract offerings in the UK and a client preference for permanent recruiters in The Netherlands since the July 2020 quarter. Whilst there have undoubtedly been redundancies in both markets, there has also been a ‘thawing’ of previously frozen corporate requisitions – particularly within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

The next Salary Report will be compiled for release in December 2020 covering the final quarter of the year – we will also be publishing our first figures for the Talent Acquisition job family in the Australian market place.

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Wishing you all the best during the coming months,

Ben Dodd

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