Diary of a Corporate Recruiter 2020: Be ‘on Par’ with your Hiring Manager

Building a strong relationship with your Hiring Manager is key to a smooth and successful recruitment process. Just like managing my Labrador, Murray, on the golf course – if we were not ‘on par’ we would not be allowed together on the course (more about that later)! The Hiring Manager owns the requirements of the role, and the capabilities and behaviours sought by the business. You’ll be partnering up with them and seeing the course through together until the 18th hole, so it needs to be a positive relationship.

The First Stage of The Recruitment Process

The intake meeting with your Hiring Manager is the first stage of the recruitment process, and ultimately, sets the scene for a successful appointment. The meeting should be thorough, detailed and engaging – this is the time to tee up all the information you need to initially search the market and identify the long list of candidates for consideration. The meeting also provides you with the detail to ‘sell’ the opportunity and share typical information with interested candidates, e.g. career opportunity and progression, structure of the team and organisation, upcoming projects, opportunity to travel, etc.

The Hiring Manager and the Recruiter need to agree the end-to-end recruitment process with clear timelines and responsibilities – who does what and when. An engaged Hiring Manager will pre-agree interview dates and times and provide prompt candidate feedback. A competent in-house recruiter will act as the front face of the organisation and ‘MC’ all events.

Use the Hiring team’s network

It is vital to utilise the Hiring Manager’s network, and their team’s, and ask them to share the opportunity on social media – I love the old saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know’. Leveraging the existing team’s network to encourage referrals is always worth exploring – many organisations offer an attractive employee referral bonus. Research shows that the retention rate from referrals is much higher too. Using existing networks to find candidates whose skills are scarce makes sense. Your Hiring Manager can tell you where these candidates might ‘hang out’!

Keep the communication lines open between yourself and the Hiring Manager. It is important to talk. Don’t go quiet, and be honest if you are finding yourself ‘in the rough’. You can explore and agree on alternative sourcing strategies, which may include looking to international markets, adjusting the candidate profile or engaging external support. Be ‘on par’ with your Hiring Manager throughout the process from start to finish with regular communication and updates. By the time you’re back in the clubhouse at least then you’ll be celebrating together!

One last point, try and get to know your Hiring Manager through the process. My advice is to be flexible and respectful of each other’s time. Sometimes you’ll both be under pressure to take an important shot. Being mindful of each other’s commitments helps, as does a personal connection. I have often shared Murray’s adventures with my Hiring Managers and love to hear about what they have been up to away from the business.

And now more about Murray and the golf course………

Be on par with your Hiring Manager
Jo and Murray on the golf course

This picture is taken at The Oxfordshire Golf Club where dogs are welcome on the course.

It certainly makes a good long walk a more interesting one! 

Some of the well-known clubs that welcome dogs include Wentworth, Sunningdale, The Berkshire, St. Andrews, Muirfield, Turnberry, Swinley Forest and Loch Lomond. Their legacy stems from decades ago when gentlemen members would often go hunting in winter months but wanted to do something with the dogs in the summertime.

Jo has provided corporate recruitment services to clients on an interim basis since 2008. Her focus is international recruitment & direct sourcing, where key skill sets are scarce and in high demand. 

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